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A place to build parenting skills that help parents to discipline kids from toddlers to teens as well as to encourage children and adolescents to feel positive about themselves and to become the winners they were meant to be. Lots of practical solutions for parents as well as tips for improving communication, building positive relationships and other useful parenting skills.

The goal of parenting is to teach kids to develop self-discipline. Many parents feel spanking is necessary for effective discipline. When parents learn and apply the three Fs of Effective using the parenting techniques on this page and others, they find that yelling, screaming and spanking disappear and a positive relationship is established.

"Balance your Personal & Professional Life"

1 Day Practical Workshop

  • What it to be a Parent
  • Goal of Every Parent
  • Why and Where we Fail ?
  • Become a Effective Parent
  • Make your child a super child
  • Balancing Work and Family
  • Effective Parent-Child Communication
  • Parenting as a Team
  • Turn a Terrible into a Terrific Child
  • How to Handle Children’s Feelings

Who Should Attend ?

  • Consultants
  • House Wife - Parents
  • Trainers

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“Learn to control your situation & achieve whatever you want easily in your life."